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The fee for Building, Electrical and Mechanical Permit Applications is $30.00, 

not including inspections.

The fee for Zoning Permit Applications is $50.00.


Building Clerk - Carol LaCasse 517-596-8200

Building Inspector - Charles Barnum 517-936-6910

Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector - Tim Basore 517-623-6257

Electrical Inspector - Keith King 517-206-2070

Inspectors have 72 Hours to answer an inspection request

Contractor Information


When mailing or faxing in applications, please make sure you also include:

1.) Your Drivers License

2.) Contractor's License

3.) Insurance

No permits will be issued from Monday, October 21st to Friday, October 25th. You may leave permit applications off at the Township Offices and they will be processed the following week.

Building Clerk Hours:  Monday & Tuesday 9-1, Wednesday 1-5, Friday 9-1 


Fees effective 9/24/2019

Any Questions call 517-596-8200

Fax number 517-596-8600 or





Zoning Compliance Permits    $50.00
Zoning Amendment (Rezoning)   $450.00
Appeal to Zoning Board of Appeals        $350.00
Special Land Uses   Regular Meeting      $150.00 Plus any incurred cost
  Special Meeting $350.00 Plus any incurred cost
Private Road Permit   $150.00 Plus any incurred cost 
Zoning Maps Paper $5.00
  Laminated $10.00
Zoning Ordinance Book


  Spiral $15.00
Notebook $25.00
Plan Review   $60.00 and $20.00 per hour after the first
 Building Permit Fee Schedule      
 Electrical Permit Fee Schedule      
 Mechanical Permit Fee Schedule      
 Plumbing Permit Fee Schedule      
Renewal Fees Building and Trades $150.00
  Building or Trades only $90.00
  Re-inspection Fee $65.00
Demolition   $60.00 per inspection and application fee of $30.00
Code Inspections   $60.00 per inspection
Land Division Applications   $150.00 Parent Parcel/ $40.00 per each Child Parcel
Assessed Fee Penalties/Fines Will occur double the standard cost    
Coping and Faxing (no charge to taxpayer for township documents Faxing $5.00
  Copying in office $0.25
Policy and Procedures
Policy and Procedures for Expiring Permits:

When a permit expires, a call is made to the permit holder reminding them their permit is still open and needs to be completed within the next month if possible.  If there is no response from the initial phone call, a letter is sent to the permit holder explaining the situation and asking them to contact the Building Department to update them on the project.  If the project is not finished within the month, the permit holder is asked to renew the permit for another year.

If no progress has been made on the project, the Building Inspector makes a commendation if the permit should be cancelled or not.

This policy applies to all permits, including plumbing, mechanical, electrical and building. A copy of this policy will accompany all correspondence.

A record of all expired permits are kept in an excel spreadsheet listing all contact including dates and responses.

Policy and Procedure for Expiring Temporary Certificate of Occupancy:

A letter will be sent when a temporary permit expires requesting that a final inspection must be made, and approved, or written notice sent to the building department with request for a 30 day extension. A copy of this policy will accompany all correspondence.

Policy concerning Occupying without Final Approval:

A letter will be sent stating they are illegally occupying the structure. They will be given 10 days to either final the project or to vacate the structure. At the end of 10 days if no action has been taken, a citation through the Zoning Enforcement Office is to be issued. A copy of this policy will accompany all correspondence.

This policy was approved at a regular board meeting held at the Waterloo Township Hall located on Mt. Hope Rd. , Munith, Michigan , on September 24, 2019.

Janice Kitley

Waterloo Township Clerk